What is the minimum amount that can be spent on a custom engagement ring from Liebross Jewelry?
We can work with any budget. We can customize to any customer's specifications. No matter what your budget may be, at Liebross we will make sure to get the best center diamond for the value and have it set in the design of your dreams.

How long does the process of an engagement ring usually take?
Typically, we can work under any time frame. We recommend allowing 4 weeks from your planned  proposal date to begin the process. This allows the time to select the perfect diamond and custom make the setting. However in a world as fast paced as we live in today, we can have the ring complete in a shorter time frame if needed. 

What is your return policy?
Custom settings have a no refund policy due to the extremely specific nature and design process. We offer a 14 day return policy on other purchases, provided that the jewelry has not been altered or changed. Please refer to our Return page for more details. 

I'm really struggling finding out what finger size to make the ring, what do I do?
Unless your significant other will be part of the process, we can estimate with your help what size to make the ring. Alternatively, the ring can be made in a standard size. Then if an adjustment is needed, your ring can be re-sized at no charge to you. Beads can also be placed into the ring if it is too big and you do not want to re-size it. All metals can be altered to fit, so rest assured Liebross Jewelry will take care of it.

I see a ring I really love, but its shown in White Gold. I was looking more for Yellow Gold, is this possible?
All of our rings are custom made, so any design created can be made in the metal you desire. Our typical options are 14K and 18K White Gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum.

Are all of your diamonds conflict free?
We do not sell or promote the use of conflict diamonds. All of our diamonds are conflict free  and we do everything we can to combat the horrible reality of the diamond situation in certain areas abroad.

What type of certifications do you place on your diamonds?
We follow the industry standard and all of our diamonds are GIA Certified unless otherwise specified. GIA is the gold standard in the diamond industry, but we can have certified stones acquired with EGL, HRD, IGI, and private certificates upon request. No matter what, we will always be upfront to make sure that you are knowledgable to all that we are showing.

I live out of state and was referred to you by a close friend in New York. Would you be able to design my engagement ring?
Liebross Jewelry works with many clients based all over the world. We can communicate through a variety of platforms to maintain the one on one client interaction that we are known for. Having built our client list for nearly a century, Liebross has earned the reputation of being reliable and trustworthy and we continue to do business across the globe.