Recreating Your Jewelry


Not all of your old jewelry needs to sit around and lay waste just because it might be out dated or not to your liking. There are a variety of options for turning your old or antique heirlooms into a piece of jewelry that's new and perfect for whatever style you can imagine.


Use Your Diamond In a New Setting

Styles change and trends go in and out, but a diamond is forever. Do you have a diamond you already purchased in the past, but you're looking for a change? Contact us today. We have many options available to redesign your new piece of jewelry, including the option to customize anything you can imagine!


Re-cut an Old Diamond

If you have inherited an antique cut diamond or heirloom and would like to improve its beauty, we can re-cut your old stone into an excellent cut round or fancy shape! Re-cutting is an excellent way to intensify the luster of your diamond and bring out its hidden brilliance!